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Erin Quinlan Quiros

I am Fourth Generation Texan from a very small town in the desert: the town of Laredo, Texas. Laredo sits on the border between Texas and Mexico, where a unique, microcosmic culture coexists; A mix where 95% of the population identifies as Hispanic, yet roughly half that speak Spanish fluently or for that matter, English fluently. This unusual bi-cultural upbringing in Laredo provided a huge amount of guidance when I decided to transfer to Italy more than 25 years ago.  ​

Grateful for my upbringing when I moved to Italy, I easily adapted to the local Italian culture. In Texas, I had been working for an oil conglomerate as a financial planning analyst.  However, when I arrived in Italy, I started working with the Ferragamo Group for the launch of their first hotel.   This would mark my initial departure from Finance and into Design.  Ever since that moment I have continued into the design realm, carrying with me the biculturality of my upbringing, while embracing a third culture: European.  ​

The Style

My design ethos is very tied to my origin, and I can declare It is important to embrace your environment but also have to your own voice within it. It's about respecting where you are but also expressing your own voice within that environment, whether that be softly or as loud as a revolution.

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Multicultural ​






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